The Credibility Index

What is credibility and how important is it? Is having credibility a key or defining factor in you succeeding in life? Or are other factors more important? Tell us what you think by completing the Credibility Index survey. All responses are confidential and you can complete the survey anonymously if you wish.

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The Credibility Index


What is The Credibility Index and how can you get involved? Read all about it here….

The Aim

At it’s simplest level, The Credibility Index is a study into the importance of ‘credibility’ to individuals and different groups of people. The project aims to understand whether credibility is actually a key factor for some people, or just one of several factors that influence their view of themselves and other people, or not important at all.

Through the survey we aim to gather enough data to enable conclusions and theories to be drawn, enabling us all to better understand the importance of credibility, and perhaps focus on our own credibility in the future.

The hope is people from all walks of life from the unemployed to millionaire business leaders, from every occupation or vocation, will help us make The Credibility Index the largest study into credibility ever undertaken.

Take part

Qualifications and experience are one thing, but how important is credibility in our daily lives? Do different groups of people define ‘credibility’ differently, and is being seen as ‘credible’ more important than any other factor? Does having a high (or low) credibility ‘score’ prove decisive in landing the dream job? And how about outside of the work environment; does credibility come into account when meeting people or dealing with companies in our social life?

The Credibility Index aims to explore these questions, and reveal what we think (or groups of us think) about credibility. We want people from every occupation (and none) to take part. Teachers, MPs, business leaders, doctors, admin assistants, factory workers, HR professionals, lorry drivers, office workers, and everyone else from any occupation or vocation are all invited to take the survey now.